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Customer's Reviews

Michael Hass, Wilhelmshafen

REMOS pilot since 2009


A tiny budget aircraft combined with Airbus technology: That’s my Remos GX. I own my plane for two years now, and in the meantime I took it to the Côte d’Azur, to Cornwall, Denmark and to quite a few other European countries. Just roll out your Remos, get its wheels off, and here comes the fun. I especially enjoy the “convertible feeling” during summer time; the doors are removed in five minutes’ time, and then savor the open air experience – it’s better than bungee jumping. It’s quite something that the Remos is approved for anything like this. The main reason for my decision for the Remos was something else, however: I have been shopping around intensively, compared many an airplane, yet I did not find such a convincing manufacturing quality anywhere else. Up to now, my log shows some 200 very fine flight hours in my Remos, and I am absolutely satisfied with its comfort, its low consumption, excellent climb rate, and the aircraft’s reliability and agility

Stefan Krabbe, Grefrath

Flight Instructor


The REMOS does exactly what you tell it to do – that makes it a stunning all-round aircraft not only for experienced flyers but also for trainee pilots. I bought my first Remos GX, D-MSGX in December 2008. In the meantime, I have sold it already as I intend to offer a fleet of new or as-good-as-new REMOS GX at all times. In June 2010 I purchased another REMOS GX, D-MGXX, another onein July 2011, D-MTGX, and yet another in April 2013, D-MSNX. As anticipated, all three of them are reliable and require little maintenance; they are beautiful, have a remarkable premium touch, and a high residual value. That makes it the ideal aircraft for my aviation school. I’m flying since 1997 already, established aviation school “Follome” in 2008 and so far I have trained about fifty student pilots. We have recorded many flights on photographs and videos, and we show a selection on our homepage at I love flying the REMOS not only as an instructor pilot but also when I am flying it for fun. In addition, I’m chartering out the aircraft: The Remos is an ideal cruising plane, and our customers appreciate this. It is fast, convenient, is very well to handle in-flight, and, fully loaded, flying it is even more fun.

Roland Granvogl, Langenmosen

Vested Amateur Aviator


Four weeks ago I purchased my REMOS GXeLITE. I’m airborne for 15 years now; I had another ultra-light aircraft before for quite some time. Well, I sold it, shopped around, and it dawned on me pretty fast: It’s got to be REMOS. In my mind, its design, manufacturing quality and its in-flight characteristics make it the best aircraft on the market – after all, the Remos has been refined and optimized for years. When I picked it up at the Pasewalk Plant, I was treated to a short guided tour and received my REMOS GXeLITE. Under a gorgeous sky, I could then ferry it to my home base in Burgheim/Bavaria. Upon arrival, a real big surprise: All my fellow aviators were there and had set up a champagne reception. They all were excited about my plane; everyone wanted to get a turn on the aerodrome circuit with it. While I did not get much airtime with the REMOS yet, I am absolutely thrilled about it, and I am looking forward to the flights on it. Next year we will be heading to Elba, it will be a magnificent flight across the Alps. Together with other pilots and my wife, I also love to take day trips to Austria, or weekend trips to Northern Italy, or to cities where I haven’t been yet.

Günther Trilck

Flight School Owner


Right from the very first moment of flying a REMOS, I was absolutely thrilled. I had already read many good things about it, and when I actually sat in the plane I was convinced for good. Meanwhile I have my own G3 for ten years and have logged 3,000 flight hours on it – my first impression has been confirmed entirely. Two and a half years ago I also bought a GX. It is slightly more agile and faster than the G3, and, moreover, easier to land. The G3, however, is untiringly well-tempered and condones almost any goof-ups that student pilots come up with. So far I have trained 20 pilots – I have turned my hobby into a profession, the best of all worlds. I am offering scenic flights, and I am airborne with passengers 150 hours every year: Most of the time we are heading for the Baltic Sea or Heligoland. In the quieter months, I still enjoy hopping on the plane with my wife to make a trip to Berlin or to the Baltic Sea.

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