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The REMOS GXiS is a milestone in the development of our aircraft. The reliable and well-known airframe remains the same, while our engineers completely reinvented the technical basis. This model shall be certified as the European LSA.  



The most significant technical innovation of the GXiS is the integration of the Rotax 912 iS Sport. Thanks to its electronic fuel injection, this engine is more efficient and has more torque than the equally strong carburetor version (74 kW/100 hp). Potential issues like carburetor icing are a thing of the past. 

The aircraft comes with well aligned propellers. The German‐based company MT‐Propeller from Straubing delivers a 3‐blade‐propeller which was designed especially for light aircraft like the GXiS. It is available in both ground adjustable and constant speed version. Another fine option especially for the ultralight version is the well‐proven NEUFORM propeller which can be found in other REMOS aircraft. 

At first glance, one may see the new air intake in the redesigned cowling of the GXiS. This is just one part of the optimized cooling system. There are also many invisible modifications on the fuel system and on the electric system on board. In fact, the entire firewall-forward section of the aircraft has been redesigned. This was necessary to implement the Rotax 912 iS Sport. 





For instance, the REMOS engineers made the start-up procedure as easy as it is in your car. Almost all system checks, for which the pilot had to take care before, are done automatically now. This system is called SMARTstart. 




From a pilot’s point of view, the heart especially of the LSA version is the premium avionics suite. Each side of the panel features a touch sensitive 10-inch-screen combined EFIS/EMS Dynon SV-D1000T/B. The center stack is dominated by the Garmin GTN 750, an all in one WAAS GPS/NAV/COM navigation system and control panel for radio, audio panel and transponder. 

Further enhancing safety, the REMOS GXiS comes with the collision avoidance system TRX-1500 by Air Avionics. It receives ADS-B-signals, deals with FLARM and shows the surrounding traffic on the EFIS. The transponder installed in the GXiS sends ADS-B-signals itself. 
With this equipment on board, the GXiS marks the new standard for the upcoming European Light Sport Aircraft with 600 kg (1320 lbs) MTOW. 





The result of this development is an extraordinary user-friendly and safe aircraft. Like all REMOS aircraft, the GXiS is equipped with a ballistic parachute made by the US-manufacturer BRS. 





The new REMOS GXiS will also be offered as an ultralight aircraft. Customers may choose between several more compact avionic options. The standard ultralight version will come with the well-proven fixed-pitch 3-blade-propeller by NEUFORM. 

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