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Expertise - Perfect Engineering

The amount of know-how required in combination with a costly and time-consuming manufacturing process is the reason why carbonfibre is only used where the design calls for materials of extremely high strength at light weight. Just like the new Airbus A350XWB, the REMOS GX is manufactured almost entirely from carbonfibre composites. The material used at REMOS is sourced from the same manufacturer that also supplies the likes of Airbus and Boeing.


But making the material's benefits come to excel as much as they do in the REMOS GX is not only a matter of raw material, but also a matter of smart design and great engineering. Our engineering-  as well as our production-team are highly proficient in the respective methods and processes.


At REMOS, the engineering and the production department are closely linked together and are deeply involved in the entire certification process. Our aircraft are built in compliance with the German specifications for ultralight aircraft LTF-UL 2003. We also comply with US standards for light sport airplanes as per ASTM.





Complete and correct documentation, in combination with a compliant structure, are fundamental to a successful certification process.

Do you need any support? We will happily assist you with all compliance issues of your aircraft. Please contact us.

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